Welcome to ThisQR!

ThisQR.com is a novel small QR code and short URL generation site.

ThisQR is now FREE to use. Have up to 250 standard and 25 custom links for free.
Upgrade to unlimited links for £10 per month.

QR Codes normally point to one URL and have to be replaced if the URL is updated or changed. ThisQR.com allows users to generate a batch of QR Codes with flexible URLs which can be changed instantly through our interface. ThisQR.com is ideal for estate agencies, science centres, billboards, t-shirts or any situation where a flexible link is required.

QR Codes work best when they can be made with as little information as possible, this makes them easier to insert into physical media and easier for mobile devices to scan. Codes generated by ThisQR are always the same size, the smallest possible QR Code. This makes our service ideal for linking to long URLs with a small code.

Registration is free and includes a modest number of codes to start you off. Subscription options allow additional codes to be added instantly. Register here now to get started!

ThisQR.com Benefits
Normal QR CodesThisQR Codes
SizeA long URL results in a large code which can cause problems with QR Code scanners.ThisQR.com codes are all the same size, the smallest possible QR Code. This increases readability and decreases the difficulty of printing on to physical media.
FlexibilityNot flexible! One QR Code points to one web page.Very flexible! The target web page can be changed instantly from ThisQR.com.
AnalyticsCustom implementation required.ThisQR.com automatically collects statistics on the devices used and the location the code is scanned.
CompatibilityThere are various standards and formats for 2-dimensional codes. Using a bespoke or rare standard will inhibit some users.The codes generated by ThisQR.com are the most widely adopted standard for QR Codes, most smartphones read them with built-in software.

We are in βeta and looking for people to trial the system. Email us at beta@thisqr.com to request a free premium subscription.